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Statistics: very much here

Well, I pulled a late one last night and got some reports done. You can now see on the front page (just go into your Dashboard and click ‘Blog statistics’):

  • Unique visitors and number of pages viewed ever, in the last 28 days, in the last 7 days, in the last 24 hours
  • Number of visitors and pages viewed each day for the last 14 days (with a little barchart!)
  • Last 10 search words which brought people to your Wiblog
  • 10 most popular search words
  • Last 10 visitor locations (country and city)
  • 10 most popular visitor locations (country)
  • 10 most popular pages viewed
  • 10 most popular platforms (that’s the visitors operating system, like Windows, or something much better like Linux)
  • 10 most popular browser
  • 10 most popular screen sizes

And then you can click some lovely links to view:

  • The last 100 search words used and which page the searcher arrived at on your Wiblog
  • The top 100 most popular search words which brought people to your Wiblog
  • The last 100 visitor locations (country and city)
  • The top 100 most popular visitor locations (country)
  • And the top 100 most popular pages

I know some people will ask so I’ll answer your question now: sorry, no flags (yet).

Anyway, have fun. My grateful thanks go to the clever chaps at hostip.info for their geolocation API. I’ll let them know we’re the people hitting their servers several times per second, and hopefully they’ll allow us to keep getting that lovely geolocation information.