Keep afloat

A few people have been asking how they can send chocolate to the Wibsite team in recognition of the small amount of easy work we do maintaining the Wibsite. Well, that’s not really practical (although we do love chocolate). Instead please consider donating to help pay for cubes of cheese for the Wibsite monkeys.

There’s a donate button here (at the bottom of the page). It’s in GBP (pounds sterling) as I couldn’t work out how to allow you to set your own currency. Sorry about that. You should get a nice email thanking you for your donation.

Any questions, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Keep afloat

  1. There will be the cost of a nice piece of extra-mature cheddar winging its way to you at the end of the month (pay day. I’m a bit skint at the moment – much like the Wibsite monkeys!)

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