Statistics: very much here

Well, I pulled a late one last night and got some reports done. You can now see on the front page (just go into your Dashboard and click ‘Blog statistics’):

  • Unique visitors and number of pages viewed ever, in the last 28 days, in the last 7 days, in the last 24 hours
  • Number of visitors and pages viewed each day for the last 14 days (with a little barchart!)
  • Last 10 search words which brought people to your Wiblog
  • 10 most popular search words
  • Last 10 visitor locations (country and city)
  • 10 most popular visitor locations (country)
  • 10 most popular pages viewed
  • 10 most popular platforms (that’s the visitors operating system, like Windows, or something much better like Linux)
  • 10 most popular browser
  • 10 most popular screen sizes

And then you can click some lovely links to view:

  • The last 100 search words used and which page the searcher arrived at on your Wiblog
  • The top 100 most popular search words which brought people to your Wiblog
  • The last 100 visitor locations (country and city)
  • The top 100 most popular visitor locations (country)
  • And the top 100 most popular pages

I know some people will ask so I’ll answer your question now: sorry, no flags (yet).

Anyway, have fun. My grateful thanks go to the clever chaps at for their geolocation API. I’ll let them know we’re the people hitting their servers several times per second, and hopefully they’ll allow us to keep getting that lovely geolocation information.

28 thoughts on “Statistics: very much here

  1. Excellent stuff, thank you very much! I can’t think who the flag-botherers are 😉

    Do you want us to alert you of any bugs (squashed or otherwise) or other queries and gremlins on the bulletin board or on this blog?

  2. Um, not sure I should have “Warning: Division by zero in /home/.blurt/wibftp/ on line 201” coming up 14 times on my stats page. As not a techy not sure, just looked like something I should mention… particularly as it said “Warning”.

  3. *Goes and noses*

    *Sits and marvels*

    *wonders what “Warning: Division by zero in /home/.blurt/wibftp/ on line 204” means and if it’s important*

  4. I’ve got that warning too … but with time differences I don’t know if I”m telling you this pretty quickly after rosamundi or ages later …

  5. Right, I’ve done some messing about with this and it now gives you the option to recreate your statistics database table if things aren’t working. In the case of Rosamundi and Miss Lisa it did the trick, so hopefully it will work for other people too.

    So, I’ve removed the “Please be patient, I’m still building this” message from the top of the reports page. It may seem a minor thing, but it marks an important moment in the development of this system.

    And, in case anyone is interested, I’ll be making this plugin available to other websites to use with the name “WibStats”.

  6. Just wondering – the counter of visits to my blog seems to be staying resolutely on zero – even when I visit without being logged in – am I really that unpopular? Could it be my theme that’s somehow obstructing the counter …

  7. Indeed, Chas, you have nailed your head quite succinctly. The statistics system relies on the “wp_footer” action occurring, and it ain’t happening in your theme. I’ve fixed that and you should now have at least one visitor.

    I did run a script to make sure all themes had the required code, but it can’t have worked as well as I hoped. Perhaps there are other themes where the stats won’t work. If anyone else stays on 0 visitors let me know and I’ll manually amend your theme.

  8. Chris. Same problem as Chas. I’ve made several unlogged in visits this evening, which haven’t shown up in my stats at all.

  9. Thanks, indeed, Chris – my head feels much better now that it’s been properly nailed …

    But something strange has happened to my dashboard – it wants to list My Blogs, and seems to think that is my Primary Blog (which, of course, it isn’t) …

  10. Erm…. my dashboard looks completely different and not only can’t i find any statistics, i can’t seem to find how to write posts – the dashboard only seems to consist of ‘right now, cartoon blog, recent comments, latest links’

    You know, this sounds crazy, but when I ‘view blog’ it goes to rather than my little site. Am I seeing the wibsite main control room by accident?

    (ooh, I’ve just noticed Chas has my problem too)

  11. Hi there,

    I appear to have had no visitors at all. 🙁

    Maybe I am just far less popular than I thought?

    A huge thank you to you for sorting all of this out. If I knew where you lived I would send you one of the chocolate cornflake cakes that is in my kitchen. Seeing as I dont, I will go to bed.

  12. I’m another 0 visitor sad-type person. Which is a bit odd, seeing as I have the same theme as this blog – have you checked your own stats? 😉 (Jen’s – Purple Spaghetti – blog uses the same bluebird theme too).

  13. Another stats-related question here. On the report tables it has the time when a visit was made to the blog. This appears to be vastly out of sync with the actual time. (it says 3.14am when in fact it is 10.14am). Is there any way to change this?

  14. Hi wibblyfish. The time is absolutely correct – because the computer the Wibsite is on is in the U.S. One of the new features I plan for the stats system is to allow you to select the right timezone for you, so you see times relative to you. I’ll get on to that when I have some spare moments.

  15. Thanks Chris – I like it. A prize for Chris!

    Is it maybe perhaps possible to have referrers stats? Or maybe it is there and I has te stoopids…

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