Statistics: nearly here

It’s been quite a while since I said I would write a new statistics package for all Wiblogs, but I’ve finally started. In fact the plugin is installed and is currently gathering information about visitors.

You can’t se any reports yet as basically I haven’t written that part. However that’s the (relatively) easy bit. And as we save all manner of information – browser, operating system, screen size, search words etc – there’s a million and one ways to slice the information, so I should be able to do some interesting reports for you.

One new little bit of information being saved is the city of the visitor, as well as their country. However the city is pretty flaky, so don’t expect it to be 100% correct. Still, it’s interesting.

Right, must dash. This code won’t write itself.

11 thoughts on “Statistics: nearly here

  1. ooo, cool, I have no ideahow it all works (and don’t want to ) but I promise to be very very impressed when it all happens – mainly because I will be!

  2. Thank you so very much 🙂

    I will also send chocolate….. how does “Himalyan salt and caramel chocolate” sound?

  3. Just a quicky: you should be able to see some basic reports now. Just go into your Dashboard and click the “Blog statistics” link. Ta, and furthermore, da.

    I’ll do more reports and add in little flags for the countries soonish. Also bear in mind it may take a week or so for the stats to settle down while I squish bugs.

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