Important: system upgrade

Our lovely hosting company Dreamhost have suggested more than once that I upgrade the software which runs the Wibsite as it’s slightly out of date. If this was a minor upgrade I wouldn’t mention it, but it’s a major one. There are a LTO of differences with the admin area (I know, just as you got used to the old one) but hopefully it will be easier to use.

I’m hoping the actual upgrade itself will go OK. I just tried it on another site and it seems fine, but if things really go wrong I’ll roll back and .. well, I don’t know what I’ll do then. If everyone could cross their fingers, toes and other crossable extremities I’d be most grateful.

7 thoughts on “Important: system upgrade

  1. I have the new admin (ie the up-to-date version) on my other wordpress blogs and apart from a quick “Erk, where is everything?!” moment it’s pretty easy to figure out.

  2. Well, looks like mine’s the first post on the new system… got a bit of a shock when logging in but managed it all ok… seems to be working fine!

  3. I was going to whinge about the small size of the box for posting in (can I call it a postbox?) because I’m getting quite elderly now and needed a magnifying glass to help me type in it. I kept forgetting what I’d said at the start of my sentence!

    But now that I’ve looked properly and discovered that’s only for quick posts and there’s a way to get back to a bigger screen for posting properly…. I can quite safely say, it’s great – and looks far tidier too!

    Thank you kindly, Mr Wiblog man.

  4. Now I am going to whinge (yes, you all knew it would happen, didn’t you?)
    Just like Kerensa (see her blog), I am finding now that the box for putting my words of wisdom into disappears off behind the publish and tag boxes and also, as I type further down, keeps on scrolling back so that I lose where I’m typing. It’s like having to type blind.
    Jack the Lass said she had similar problems but then they resolved themselves – I’m hoping it’s the same with mine – but at the moment it’s a bit of a pain.

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