About time I updated this thing

I’m embarrassed to say I forgot about this little Newsroom with all the hullaballoo of moving the site and then Christmas. This thread reminded me, so I’m going to get all my intentions in gear and start newsrooming again.

So, what’s been happening with the Wibsite? Firstly, and most obviously, we moved the Wibsite to a new server, new hosting company, and a new platform (the wonderful WordPress). Everyone has shiny new blogs with a massive choice of layout themes, and for the most part there were few problems transferring everyones posts and comments. We’re also looking at ways to grow the community, through such things as a special “Invite” feature.

We’ve also got the beginnings of a help section, that should answer many questions about WordPress and the new Wibsite. If anyone has any suggestions for things they’d like to see in there, please get in touch. And we’ve also set up a special mobile version of the Wibsite, for those of use with pixelly-challenged screens.

So, what’s next? Soon we’ll be installing a plugin that will allow you to insert videos (from YouTube and other places) really easily in your blogs. That will prove popular, I’m sure. We’re also going to try to regularly update the “This just in” blog with funny, interesting or noteworthy links. Well, that’s the idea.

Right, that’s it for now. I really will try to keep this updated, so if you have anything you’d like to see here or on the Wibsite in general  PLEASE tell us. This is your website, we’d like to make it as fantastic as we can.