New and (hopefully) fix-ed Exportificator!

I’ve twiddled this and pulled on that and it looks like the exporter is behaving itself a bit more. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. If you could all have another go I’d be most grateful. Remember the address is:

Replace the “newsroom” bit with your Wiblog name (the bit in your URL, like

15 thoughts on “New and (hopefully) fix-ed Exportificator!

  1. I have just tried this, and I get ‘Internet Explorer cannot display this feed. This feed contains code errors’

    Then if I click on ‘more information’ it says ‘An invalid character was found in text content. Line: 451 Character: 113’. It than has a snippet of a comment made by TJ on 22/10/07, on a post of 12/10/07.

  2. Sorry – I still get pretty much the same as before – about the last 20-ish posts, finishing with The "XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later"
    and then a bit of a comment by Tractor Girl.

  3. yay! it worked it worked! are people replacing the whole of ?newsroom with their blog name or just newsroom with their blog name and leaving the ? in place. i left the ? in place and just replaced the word newsroom with my blog name and it worked.

    the only thing i noticed, is that if i had a post with more than one image (jpgs on flickr mostly, but i did used to simply link them from my own webspace) the wordpress page page only reproduces only the first image for each entry that has multiple images.

    i think the rest is ok, but i didn’t have time right now to go through 5 years of entries one by one. maybe later.. er another century or something.

  4. oh yeah, i just realised (i must have only been skimming through and didn’t really read it properly) there is usually only one sentence or a part of it then a … and if i had ever tried to post a ‘blogthing’ or something like a quiz result from an external website (i know, i know, i just sometimes didn’t have much to say and i don’t mind a bit of harmless fun every now and then) or somethin, it didn’t reproduce on the wordpress page.

    am i doing this right?

  5. grr, sorry sorry sorry, me again. i know, i’m rushing and not being thorough…

    i don’t actually have all entries there. i scroll to the bottom of the page and the last entry i have there (which i clicked on to open my wibsite blog in another tab in order to see the date) is january 24,2005. i don’t see any other links to take me to another page with my entries back to dec 2002.

  6. Hurrah Dave K!

    I am using Firefox [and I tried IE but get a "feed code" error], and what happens with mine is that I only see the first few lines of each entry. Is this to be expected, or should I see them all?


  7. When I said it worked I meant the comment not the exportificator. Just thought I’d better clarify. 🙂

  8. i’m starting to wonder if i did it right. when i said above that it all worked, what what i actually meant to see. what i did see looked like an actual wordpress page, with shortened entries and a link heading each entry that when clicked took me back to the original wibsite blog.

    was that right? it didn’t have everything there though.

  9. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I’ve made a bit of progress but it’s not completely fixed yet. The problem seems to be with non-standard characters (French letter and suchlike) so if anyone is an expert on character encodings in PHP I’d be glad of the help.

    (Yes, I did realise that’s a naughty play on words.)

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